The Business of Creativity Course

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Sir John Hegarty, Founder at Saatchi & Saatchi & BBH

Unlock the enormous impact that creativity can have on your business, brand and everyday life.

Sir John Hegarty (creative founder at Saatchi & Saatchi & BBH) will lead an 8-week course to equip you with tangible tools to help you win through the application of creativity.

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Course Format

Weekly Lectures

8 on-demand lessons with Sir John Hegarty

Guest Speakers

8 inspirational sessions with creative experts

Bi-weekly Q&A

Opportunity to ask Sir John your questions live

Supporting Material

Carefully curated additional reading, watching & listening

70% of companies that engage with creativity had above-average total returns to shareholders.
McKinsey & Company

According to a major IBM survey of more than 1,500 CEOs, chief executives believe that – more than rigour, management discipline, integrity or even vision – successfully navigating an increasingly complex world will require creativity.